Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

this week's fixes

I had this ambitious list of things to do when I finally got a day off from work. Yesterday I was down with a cold and Marc was running around so I took it easy, did some organizing and cleaning up but that was it. Today I got to it. Here are the things I made or fixed at the makerspace:

1) fisher price drillin action replacement screwdriver bit

Disposable culture is driving me batty, people. Olive got this drill set for last Christmas and LOVED it. A month later, we lost the removable drill bit that works for the screws. Fisher price doesn't sell replacement parts. I guess they just expect you to pitch it and buy a new one since your kid wants the next thing every month. Thrift store toy bins are full of the big component pieces of these workbench sets, in the case of this one, the blue holder thing. But the little parts are gone into space.

Anyway I was going to 3-D print one but realized it'd take a split second to laser cut two pieces to make a screwdriver once I took a few measurements so that's what I have, this one is hardboard, when it breaks I can make a wood one, I could paint it, I don't know. The point is Olive's screwdriver set works again and she had a blast with it yesterday.

I wonder if any other parent is as bothered about this as me. Maybe I could make a business around 3D printed replacement parts. Well if anyone googles this and is desperate I'll at least send you one of my cheapo hardboard ones since they cost nothing to make (spacefem at spacefem dot com).

2) Diagonal knife drawer organizer

As seen on pinterest. I have the matching white paint so it'll blend in with the drawer, but we'll use it for a few days and make sure we like the size first.

3) Soap dish that says Soap on it

This was purely me being arty, I think it turned out cute though.

4) Replaced bed slats on toddler bed

We were freecycling this anyway but first, I had to replace the slats that my darn kids broke because they were too rough on this bed. It is fully slatted now. The people who claim stuff on freecycle don't always have access to the tools needed to fix stuff so I'd worry that they'd make do with something quasi-safe, which we did, and it's not like I just made it 100% safe, but it's a step up.

So those are my "around the house" projects so far.

Still on the to-do list:
1) Visit the library
2) Get a haircut
3) Take down Christmas tree
4) Organize scary room in basement
5) World peace
Tags: crafts

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