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looking for enthusastic, motivated spammers...

The interview this morning went okay I think. I can see myself working for this company, they don't have that huge-slow-company mentality like I experienced at the engineering firm where projects take 6 years. Here, projects take 6 months from the idea to the shelf, because that's what consumer products have to do. And the technical writers are mostly engineers, which I also liked. And they didn't really blink at my salary expectation (I hate when companies ask about salary expectation).

Then I get home and this lady calls me from "vartec communications". She's seeking "enthusiastic people with leadership qualities" and wants to know if I can meet with her tomorrow at 7:30. I never did really understand what the hell she was talking about, I just got enough random words (sales, marketing, team, communications packages) to think that this was a 0% legit prospect here.

I'll never forget the summer I got my job at discovery channel store. Before I got the job, I received a letter from a company offering "summer jobs for college students starting at $13.50/apt.!" I figured I had nothing to lose, so I went to investigate, and it was a disaster. Basically, this company markets vector knives (I will never buy vector knives now, knowing what I know) by getting innocent jobless people everywhere to con their friends and family into buying them. It's really freaking sad. And I almost bought it! I sat in this room with like 40 other kids and the guy actually made it sound like a really good deal. I told them I'd be great for it, I'd be a hell of a knife salesman. They told us to wear our suits and bring resumes to the interviews like it wasn't a cattle call. After I left the building and had about 10 minutes to myself my brain kicked back in and I realized it was the biggest scam in the world. They want how much of a deposit for sales materials? They have you sit through how much unpaid training? It's bull crap. I wish they'd just put the damn knives in wal-mart and let them sell, why do they have to waste so many people's time like this?

And I still see the company everywhere, they take out sunday employment ads in every section. It's sick.

I went to the career fair at the mall, it was depressing. Like ten booths for actual companies, and each one had a line of like twenty people waiting to talk to the booth folks. I only had one company I wanted to talk to because I knew they needed a web developer, someone who does graphics, HTML, javascript, "some knowledge of ASP a plus". Guess what? The booth girl says their web developer position starts at $10 an hour! I couldn't believe it. I almost took my resume away from her. But first, she asked if I had any experience in marketing, because the job "involves some sales".

Ever wonder why the unemployed lose their sense of dignity? It's not because of a lack of a job, I can deal with that, it's because of all these scummy sharks trying to take advantage of you at every turn. You feel bad about yourself because you start considering some really worthless options. It's nuts. Uhg.

So I went to the fabric store and got the buttons to finish my dress, and guess what? 75% off on linen-look solids! So now I'm gonna be a jedi knight, too :) Pictures of all this stuff will be up soon, I promise!
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