Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

got my wisdom teeth out

Thursday I finally got my wisdom teeth out.

On previous episode's of spacefem's livejournal: I only have top wisdom teeth, they came in just fine, but every dentist I've ever had has told me to have them removed. I fought it as along as I could and I guess I finally gave up. February they found a cavity in one and referred me to an oral surgeon. I ignored it. Six months later they showed me the x-rays again how the cavity was clearly getting bigger. With no bottom teeth the top ones were kinda falling out of my face anyway, creating gaps that they said would be an even bigger problem.

So Thursday morning I woke up early to give Josie a few dollars for losing second front tooth. That kid's been losing teeth like crazy lately.

I am literally the tooth fairy.

I would get no dollars. I should have asked for my teeth, put them under my pillow, given myself the money. Or asked Josie to do it. That'd be weird.

Related favorite link... watch this animation of how people grow teeth. It's creepy. It shows wisdom teeth growing in perfectly, and being perfectly normal.

Anyway back to August. The dentist was like "seriously get these out" so I made an appointment, rescheduled it, rescheduled it, rescheduled it... apparently this surgery place isn't busy because they only pushed me out a few weeks every time I couldn't make it. I didn't want to be in pain the first time I met my stepdaughter, I won a Toastmasters speech contest and wanted to be in good shape for the next one, big deadline at work... reasons kept popping up.

Finally October 6th I could think of no good reason to not do it so I went in.

The dentist said the procedure would take about 20 minutes and he was right. 19 minutes of getting me numb and gassed up. The gas made me relaxed but also philosophical and chatty. I thought about telling them I was the tooth fairy. I talked about car insurance. We talked about cancer because it had been a bad day in the office, and cancer is on my mind, they had to diagnose two cancer cases and it made me feel bad that I was so worked up and stressful over my silly two teeth. They were happy to have me. I was simple.

19 minutes of getting numb, 30 seconds maybe for each tooth extraction. It was nothing.

I sat in the waiting room and read and bit on gauze then drove the the pharmacy for my prescriptions... why can't they ever give you those ahead of time to get them filled in advance when you're healthy? I wasn't great. Friday I was off work and sore and weak from not eating. I took one hydrocodone but didn't want to do too much of that so I switched to the 800mg ibuprofen and those worked but I could tell the instant it was time to take a new one.

I must drink coffee but it was mostly ice cream, I had some yogurt and protein shakes and soup that I blended up.

I am not terribly motivated to eat.

But today I'm also not in much pain, haven't needed to take anything, just a little sore. I can't talk normally and it's bothering me. I can't talk as loudly or quickly as I normally do. I'm thinking a lot about my voice - it'll be back, I know, I'm just thinking about how big a part of me my voice is. Especially now with my job. I spend so much time talking to people, running meetings, needing a voice.

With so many airplanes one of my teams said they miss me, they never see me anymore I'm not in the building full time. I told my boss this and his advice was to make sure when I am in the building, I'm with THEM. No sitting in the office with the door open getting work done assuming they'll come in if they need anything - go talk to them, spend all the time in conversations. It was good advice and I noticed the difference. It's also exhausting, because I am a fake extrovert.

How many days can I just sit and observe and not say much? I'm samson with the hair cut. Our voice is where our power comes from. I'd go crazy without it. It hurts my mouth to talk much now but I can do it. I hope it's better soon.
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