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bike riding

For the first time in a bit of time, I put air in the tires of my own bike! It happened Saturday. My family was gone off to a picnic elsewhere in Kansas and I was alone. I went to the makerspace to build in the woodshop and it was wonderful. Then my phone popped up with an event, a friend of mine from flight test was having a housewarming party barely a half mile from my house.

So I pumped the tires up, took the bike around the block to make sure I remembered how to ride, then headed out.

His old house was neat to explore and there were lots of people. We sat out back eating fruit and drinking lots of wine. I'll admit, I drank more wine than I would have if I'd be driving home. Driving, I basically don't drink, maybe sip half a glass if my stomach can be full and there's hours of drinking water too. I'm not saying it's totally safe to drink and bike... curious what the personal rules are on that one I guess.

Then I got to bike home while the sun went down on a perfect evening after friends and conversation and I wanted to duplicate my whole life, just for the moment.

In the morning I woke up again and took Josie on a bike ride. I'd been walking alongside her when she had training wheels, but now without the training wheels she was fast, so what if we went together? She is getting slightly better at using her brakes, that was an important thing we practiced more and more, stopping when cars went by and at intersections and sometimes just randomly to practice. We found a paved bike path and took it until we were a good 2 miles from the house, then we turned around and came back. She was tired and grumpy by the end but it was good for her.

We bought her a new helmet. I noticed today - helmets come for "ages 3-5" and "ages 5 and up" so it was time! The 4-year-old helmet was supposed to be retired! Her new helmet is a bright florescent unicorn face that's easy to spot from 5000 feet away and she loves it.

All kinds of adventures ahead for us!

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