Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

she's crafty!

I have a new-found confidence today because, well, that's just how the cycle is going, so I'm going to make this (the left view, but with 3/4 sleeves I think)! I bought the pattern and the fabric and the fusable interfacing and everything! I'm so excited... I know some people suggested I should start my new found sewing hobby with a pair of shorts or a simple skirt or something, but you know what? I'm gonna jump in and do it! What's the worst that could happen? I totally wasted $30? And you have to admit anyway, $30 isn't bad for a dress. The fabric was hella-cheap and now I own a nice pattern now to make skirts and stuff out of (that was actually a big chunk of the cost).

Tonight my family is going to theater in the park to see Annie Get Your Gun, so that should be exciting. I had the best leftover chicken thing for lunch ever. I feel pretty durn happy!

And I think I'm going to make a new quiz for my site, it's already in the works, called "Is Your Life One Big Crisis Or What?" or something like that. I'll dedicate it to the members of She-Net: The site for women with independent (not to mention troubled, busy, crazy, sick, and falling apart) minds. It's too bad you all can't see my friends groups, that one always seems to need either a group hug or a strong drink, I can't decide which most days. It's the reason I love them. And they love me :)
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