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books to read someday

sandokai asks: What are some books you haven't read but want to read someday and why do you want to read them someday?

I will admit I want to read more classics, but not now. They can wait for if I happen to get old or something. Right now my reading list is a balance between two genres:

1) Work books about management, business and innovation for those great AH HA! ideas that explain everything about the organization I live in. I really do enjoy most of them, but they are work.

2) Lighter but fast-paced stories to balance out those work books.

Most everything in my life right now has to be a quick read. It's true I finally read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, it was definitely a "I will read this someday" book, it had to hold that status for like 15 years until I finally read it though. It's a tough list to be on.

I really try to avoid making promises to books. I tell this story a lot - when I got out of college I had time to read and money for books so I bought books. My nightstand started piling up. Suddenly reading felt like an obligation, and I was constantly reminded that I had this wish list of books that exceeded my life expectancy. It wasn't fun. So I stopped buying books and started just borrowing them and going to the library. I knew I had to give the books back so they weren't allowed to pile on my nightstand, it was either read this and get it done, or send it back. No book was allowed to hang over me like a cloud.

I like reading what ever book comes to me at the moment, whatever's in my little free library, whatever title a friend casually recommends. I don't like to plan my reading.

Should I read Hemingway? Faulkner? Tolstoy? Kurt Vonnegut? James Joyce? Maybe. Not now.
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