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Josie's almost six and zomg, she's a kid. I always knew it would happen I just didn't understand when or know all the signs to look for. It's gradual. You know your baby will be a toddler when she toddles, aka walks unsteadily on two legs. That's the milestone. Then you know they're supposed to talk. Then what?

Josie can get out a bowl and spoon, make herself a bowl of cereal with milk, take it to the living room, plop down on the couch, bring up Adventure Time on Hulu and laugh at the jokes.

She can put on her shoes and socks, get in the car and buckle her seatbelt. Non-parents do not understand the miraculous independence you feel when your kid can buckle themselves in!

And then there's the bike, which worries me a little bit but whatever. We got Josie a bike for her 4th birthday. It had training wheels on it. A few months ago it was in the garage in a weird place and I accidentally ran over one of the training wheels. I was pissed off and replacements weren't that easy to find so I was like screw it, let's just take them off. Then we didn't really ride for a while because it was winter. Then we decided to go try it. The first day was tough but if I helped her get started, she could pedal a few times before falling over, I'd count 2 3 4 and sometimes nine or ten pedals on a good run. She was frustrated trying to get the pedals in the exact starting configuration, just couldn't get the hang of it. The second time we went out on the streets there were more of those "nine or ten" occurrences. Third or fourth night, she just kinda took to it, once I told her to focus out in the distance, keep the handle bars straight, a few little pointers, and it reminded me of when she learned to walk... you just stop counting steps, and it's laps around the house.

So today was the 5th or 6th time we've been out and she was really going. There's a little bike path by the park a half mile or so from our house so Olive and I played and Josie tried to ride around the path. I could see her, and she kept getting stuck at this uphill bit, so she kept trying to go really fast towards it and losing control, but at least she'd lose control in the grass. And she had fun going fast. The training wheels were slowing her down, I realized. Now she can lean into curves. Actually it's really dangerous. Her bike has two kinds of brakes, a hand brake and the coaster brake, and she's not interested in learning to use either of them despite my prompting and trying to focus today's lesson on "BRAKES!" she just runs into stuff, yells a little, picks up the bike and goes for it again, refusing to try to go the other way or walk her bike up the hilly part.

We go roller skating about once a month too, that's another activity where the "go slow until you learn" idea is just not something she's into. so okay, fine kid, fall on your face, but your center of gravity is only getting higher.

I think I'm going to take her shopping for a new helmet. She's got one but it's two years old, I'm not sure it fits right. I think she needs one that fits perfectly.
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