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my favorite wines

Thank you all so much for asking me questions to inspire me to write about things! I threw them all in a hat (metaphorically) and shuffled them up and what came up first, oh look wine!

astrogeek01 asked: What are your favorite wine(s)?
I love trying new wines. I like bold peppery dark reds and dry tasty whites. Not a fan of anything sweet.

Our official house wine is definitely the Bota Box! Yes, I buy boxes of wine. Judge all you want, this stuff is good! I like box wine because it's eco-friendly, cheaper to ship, much cheaper to buy - $17 for four bottles of wine! And it stays very fresh. I can open a brand new box and have one glass of wine and not worry about what's going on with the rest of it, it'll be there for me if I want to drink one glass for the next month or take a week off from drinking (haven't tested this, but I heard). We buy the merlot, the cabernet, the chardonay, the pinot grigio, the Redvolution is my favorite, the new nighttime looking one is my husband's favorite.

When we are feeling classy or going to a party though we can bring over a *bottle* of wine, okay. Our go-to bottles are Clos Du Bois chardonay, or 99 Crimes red.

Last summer we went to wine country in western New York and really liked the Hermann Wiemer winery, out of all the ones we visited, so we've ordered a case from them a couple times since. Mostly riesling. I said I don't like sweet wines I know but riesling is an exception because there's a lot to it. The time has to be right. We also found that Dr Konstantin Frank riesling, from the same region of new york, is available at stores here locally, so we get it sometimes.

And finally we have an odd habit of just keeping bottles of wine above our cabinet for a bit when we find a kind we like, so it lives in our memory and we re-buy it for evaluation when we can. Here's what's currently above the cabinet... you can tell my husband's mainly the ones who adds bottles since it's a lot of blends and no merlot...

Force of Nature Red
Chamisal Pinot Noir
Vina Robles Red 4
Ramon Bilbao Red
Big Cirrus Chardonay
Roskam Red
Two Angels Petit Syrah
Chocolate Box Syrah
Maison L'Envoye
St. Paul's Pinot Grigio

So those are the honorable mentions right now. But really I'll try anything, we browse the store and find bottles under $15 with good reviews, avoid wines with animals on the labels (it's a gimick! conspiracy theory), try it with friends and see who likes what. Lot of wine at our house, yup.

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May. 13th, 2016 10:56 pm (UTC)
I totally asked this so that I'd get recommendations. ;)
May. 14th, 2016 03:03 am (UTC)
All's fair!
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