Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

no I won't add 25 cents to help homeless pets today

Random poll time, friends!

If you're shopping and a cashier asks you to add some amount to your bill to support some cause, do you do it?

No because I do not give to any charities
No because I do not give to store charities
Mostly no, but I've done it if the cause is really right
About half the time yes
Most of the time yes
Almost all the time yes

I've written before about how I've been trying to give more and more to charities but I have kind of a hangup about stores asking me for charity money, and I'm wondering if I'm in the norm.

Part of me feels like my donations are carefully researched, planned, automated, and documented for taxes, so this spur of the moment "well how about something else just today!" doesn't fit with my plan.

Another part of me just hates cashiers asking me more and more questions when I'm trying to get the hell out of a store. Time is precious. Giving to their charities would be like supporting the idea of them asking me more questions. You know how it is... you're buying, like, a hammer, and they want to know if you want a warranty on the hammer (no) do you want a preferred customer card so you can earn points with the purchase of this hammer so if you by 800 hammers you get a free on (no), what's your zip code, what's your phone number (no), can you take this survey about us, do you want to help retired hammers find their homes? 20 minutes later, you're running for the door.

BUT since I support giving and generosity in general, and these store fundraisers are helping good causes, should I cave a bit if I know about the cause? Like, somewhere, some kid just got a college scholarship because taco bell asked drive through people to round up their bills. S/he is thrilled that their fundraising drive exists. Am I being a jerk to that kid because I have this philosophical soapbox against cashiers asking me for money? It's a way to get more money to help people, who am I to quibble about the means? It's a way to get money from people who, unlike me, don't think about charity until they're confronted by a special case and asked specifically to give, should I support the outreach methods that work best for them?

I just read this rant by somebody, I think a whole foods employee, who was amazed at people who spend $120 every three days on groceries who won't add 10 freaking cents to their bills, he was like what cheap assholes. Responses were very mixed. I could see it either way. I still kinda want to say no, though.
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