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spacebaby2 is 3

Olive turned three last week. We had a nice little party with a few families over for lunch and cake. It was simple. Each kid got a toy but not a whole goody bag, I'm trying to scale back. We didn't buy decorations. The cake was homemade.

I kept trying to interview Olive throughout the week about what goes on at birthdays, her 3-year-old thoughts were pretty random. Conversations like...

Me: Olive what should we have for your birthday?
Olive: What?
Me: No, I mean... should we have cake? And what else?
Olive: Um... forks!

Day of the party she did pick out a nice dress to wear "because my friends are coming to my house!" she said, it was cute. After lunch we had her sit in her chair and she blew out her three candles by herself. Then Marc took the cake to cut her a piece and everyone was smiling at her saying she did such a good job and she burst into tears. Maybe because she didn't like everyone looking at her, maybe because she didn't understand that she was definitely about to get cake, but I picked her up and held her on the couch and asked her why she was crying and she said "because I'm sad!" and I asked if she wanted to go back to her party and she said "no, I just want to sleep."

my kid.

Marc and I were running around to events every evening that weekend, including day of her birthday, and I felt bad about that so I took a vacation day so we could have some special time. We went to the mall so she could jump around on the indoor playground, and we went to the library. It doesn't take much to have a very special day with a three year old. Olive was thrilled. We got home and I asked what we should play next and she said "let's just snuggle up!" so we did, I put on a slow movie and we napped together.

I'd say she's growing up so fast but the truth is she's not really growing, I'm a little nervous about this, the doctor says she's fine and official shortness doesn't start until you're in the bottom 3% but she's in the bottom 10%, at 35 inches tall. We feed her, give her water, let her in the sunshine, she just doesn't grow. Her marks on the wall were all six months behind Josie, but this birthday she wasn't even to Josie's 2.5 year old mark.

All the rest of her milestones are totally on point. She colors almost in the lines, she's got an adorably perfect pencil grasp, she can draw circles and faces. Three year olds are supposed to be able to carry on a conversation... she's there. She doesn't even need anyone around to carry on a conversation, it just goes. She can count and keep track of objects up to 8 or so, she can count pure numbers up to 13 or 14, then it gets a little random but the numbers generally go up. She knows all kinds of songs. We can understand almost everything she says, even though she has trouble with s sounds. Ask her what a snake says she correctly answers "sssss!" but ask her to say snake and she says "nake". she calls unicorns "waycorns" and tomatoes "buh-matoes". she loves clifford books, cutting with scissors, very long baths, playing outside, dressing herself several times a day, soft blankets and looking out the window. that's olive at 3.
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