Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


So I worked out again this morning. My chest press weight has gone up another five pounds and I'm doing arm curls with (don't laugh) tens now, I'm so excited! And I think I'm actually getting arm muscles. I asked mikey and he said I was looking toned just to make me feel better, but seriously I walk around my house all the time flexing now because I think I actually look tough and toned and firm and all that. yay!

I love women with arm muscles. I just think it looks fantastic. I judge attractive men on totally different things, I think I look at faces more, eyes, all that. And I'm good at blocking attractive people out of my mind when I learn that people are assholes. But just at first glances, I think there's nothing more beautiful than a woman who looks a little tough. Think Venus Williams. (Serena is kinda intimidating.)

So anyway, I'm proud of myself for working out this summer. I haven't done much, mostly questioned my existance and updated my stupid website, but working out has been great. I'm healthier and my skin looks good and I can lift heavy stuff. go me!
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