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dave, gaming, my disabled bird

I actually didn't update yesterday! Did you all think I'd died? Shocking.

It was nice to see Dave this weekend. We didn't do much, mostly hung around the house in front of computers, which my parents thought was totally weird. Yesterday morning I woke up when Dave came in my room to wake me up, it was very happy. It's always nicer to wake up when someone is there waiting to snuggle with you. We both fell asleep again and woke up two hours later. Oops. Ate breakfast, and he went home. I'll probably go up to Des Moines again to see him soon, when he gets a day off again, if that ever happens.

I hung out with mikey last night. We went to johnny's and played trivia for a while, then this steppenwolf song came on the jukebox and mike was all, "Remember when they play this in Star Trek: First Contact? When the pheonix takes off?" And I was all, "It was a different song, mike. Bet me on it, seriously, it wasn't Magic Carpet Ride." so mike made me go to Blockbuster to rent First Contact to settle it. While we were there we remembered that in the age of the internet, it's much faster and cheaper to settle bets by looking this stuff up, so we went back to my house and got in a Star Wars chat room where like eight people stated that it was in fact "Magic Carpet Ride" playing when the Pheonix takes off in Star Trek: First Contact. Drat! I lose.

So we went downstairs and played Connect Four. He kept beating me, mostly because he has a really annoying strategy of trying to take positions in the middle column first. I hated having to waste my first three moves occupying as many spaces as I could there so I just got mad and told him his stategy was annoying. So we thought up other ways to play. We put all the checkers under a blanket and drew random ones and if four reds ever got in a row he won and if four blacks ever got in a row I won. Then we played Connect Three, but played with the other person's color so it was nothing but defense. He was trying to get me to play Scrupples which is like his favorite game ever or something, but I refused because I've played with him before and know what he'll say for most everything. It's worse when we get steve or asheley involved because the three of them really have played it a billion times and could basically answer the questions for one another because they have them all memorized. Crazy people :)

Aggy, my parakeet, is sleeping on the floor of the aquarium. That's so annoying, people come in and think he's dead, but really he does it because it's the only way he can sleep on one leg like the rest of his species. He's not quite right in the hips or something, his legs never grew right and are too spread apart and weak so when he tries to stand on one leg he loses his balance and falls over and looks totally retarded. His legs also aren't quite strong enough to land on, which gets bad because he'll forget and fly around the room and land on a desk or something and just fall over and slide across the whole thing and fall off the end. I love my bird, he's just not what you'd call smart, or graceful, or normal.
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