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fuck you, women's clothing industry

Giant middle finger for everyone this week on clothes.

I wanted to buy some solid gray slacks. I have a pair of black pants that I bought at Von Maur a year or so ago. So I walk into the store, look around, can't find them. I explain to the salesperson, "You carry the Tribal pants in talls, I think? Or at least you did. Where are they?" She shakes her head and says "Oh sorry, this season we're not carrying tall sizes in the store anymore, bit of a shift there, we just got away from it!"

Okay. Ugh.

So I go across the mall to The Limited because they have lengths of pants there too but nope... again, they have regular and petite, no longer talls in the stores. They just did.

How can my height, which hasn't changed since I was 16, go out of style?

Back to special ordering.

Months ago I went to a networking dinner plus seminar about interview and business attire. The presenters are from a local department stores. First the menswear manager talks about suits, explaining how they tailor the lengths in the store. Then the ladies' department talks about their clothes. Someone asks if they also tailor the lengths. Nope.

The menswear manager pipes up and explains to the crowd that women's clothes are "ready to wear", men's clothes are "made to tailor" so they come with lots of extra pant/sleeve length.

What the FUCK would be wrong with making women's clothes like that?! Do women not come in heights?

I read that tucked in shirts are back in style, so for a trendy new look, go tucked in. Everything was untucked for a while. now it's back. I hope college students were interested in this because I am not at all interested in the revolving doors of tucking/untucking, high waist/low waist, neutral/jewel tones, all going back and forth, who finds this interesting? Are women all supposed to die in childbirth before we hit 30 so we don't notice these rehashed excuses the clothing stores use to get us to buy new clothes every year?

I realize I've been tall for decades now and dealing with this bullshit for decades and I should be over it, but I'm not. Maybe because a few stores taunted me last season?

back to special ordering. it's frustrating. I ordered three pairs of pants from pennies a few weeks ago and returned them all because they were cheap lightweight polyester that felt like they were going to fall apart if I bumped against a wall. nothing structured or sturdy. I wish I could feel fabric and find a size that fits me in one process. nope.


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Sep. 21st, 2016 08:24 pm (UTC)

I feel you! I'm not tall but I'm 5'1" and very curvy. Not making womens clothing "made to tailor" is kind of saying all women fit into a certain body type and thats not only wrong but kind of ignorant... We need to fix how we see women and how they dress.

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