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friday 5: where do you live

It's the Friday 5!

1. Do you live a house, a condo, or some kind of apartment?
A house.

2. Do you rent or own?
We own, but I rented for many years and think renting is a great option, totally glad I did it, even when all those guys at work were telling me I was "throwing my money away".

3. What’s one thing that you would change about it if you could?
I would fix it so it didn't rain on the inside of my house when it rains on the outside. Thanks to this question though I called up our roofer and he said he'll get us a formal estimate on Monday. He'd been talking to Marc, I don't think Marc wanted to make many big decisions without me, I'll give the go-ahead on this even if it means we will now be poor.

If I could change a second thing, I would make our basement less weird. You walk through this scary laundry area, then turn left and there's a finished room with carpet where we've got desks and sofas. It's just weird. That's the problem with an old house. You inherit 87 years of "what were people thinking".

4. Would you like to move?
Last time Marc and I moved we said we were never moving again because moving is just awful. I sometimes think it'd be nice to get out of Wichita, Kansas. But if we stay in the same city, we might live in this house forever. Unless we move back to old town and live in a party loft like we used to, that was great and we both really miss it. But lofts in the bar district aren't great for families with kids, so for the next few years I think we're going to stick with this house.

5. Do you read the answers of others before answering yourself?
Nope, never! I want to go in totally unbiased. I don't think you should even be allowed to read the other friday5 answers until you've answered yourself!

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Feb. 20th, 2016 12:58 am (UTC)

Own (still paying the mortgage for a couple decades though, lol)

A bigger kitchen! It's long, but narrow, so that if someone is standing at the stove the other person can't get into the fridge. It's super annoying! (I love what you said about living in "what were people thinking". We get a lot of that in our house.)

Yes, someday. We probably won't until our son is out of school, but we'll see.

Not usually, unless I'm looking to jog my memory about something.
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