Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

friday 5: livejournal questions about livejournal

I love this week's friday 5 questions - suggested 10 years ago (!) and brought in today!

1. Are your "LJ friends" friends to you, or just acquaintances?
Depends on the friend! I can name several though who I've cared enough about to meet IRL... now I know I'm going to forget someone and feel terrible, but aliki, mrs_dragon, & astrogeek01 are the still active ones who are way more than acquaintances. let's face it they could live in my house if they ever needed a place, we'd do geeky science fair with our gaggle of kiddos every single day in some kind of bizarre livejournaling commune.

2. How do you feel about modern feminism?

3. Do you look down on people for their LJ habits, or do you think everyone's entitled?
"Look down" is a strong word - maybe "don't relate" makes more sense for some people. This doesn't happen as much anymore but there used to be more drama, someone would write a fairly controversial post and get some critical comments back, then they'd follow up with "this is MY JOURNAL I write what I WANT I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT DON'T READ IT."

Well come on, I'd say, if it was really just purely your journal, you'd use MS Word and save it to your desktop and be done. Or you'd program robot commenters to say "another great post, spacefem. right on." If you write on livejournal, you're wanting real people, and with real people come different opinions. Real people are a great motivator to write. I think you're really self-denying if you say, in a livejournal post, that you don't care what people think.

4. Have you ever been flamed? If so, what for?
Oh gosh yes all the time. On here? It's not so bad. My entry asking why aren't there female minions made the main page and somebody came to comment to say I was "bitching" and went on about "militant killjoy feminists". I was just asking the question, man. Not firebombing a movie studio, not even even staging protests. Settle the hell down. But it's the internet, that kind of thing happens all the time, if it really touches a nerve for me to ask why women aren't represented in places then maybe it's a sign that we need to keep exploring the questions?

5. What is it about LJ that keeps you posting here?
I like the format. I like the archiving capabilities.

I really like the people. They're not all "oooh we have to be on the hottest site with a million followers!" - nope, we're over that bullshit here. We write, in actual paragraphs, with introductions bodies and conclusions. And the comments I get on entries aren't just a like button, they're actual well-thought out advice, brilliant even. I don't get that anywhere else, and I definitely still get it here.

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