Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

in my hometown...

You have to pick one option. mwahahahah.

If I were to spend my entire life living in Wichita Kansas it'd be...

TRAGIC. You've got to get out of there spacefem! Escape!
Awesome. Bloom where you're planted. You like it, you've got friends, go visit those other places and then come back home.

Just to recap... I've lived in wichita for almost 14 years now.

Things I like:
- Low cost of living
- Close to family
- Friendly people
- Zero pressure to be a celebrity in designer clothes driving BMW
- 10 minute workday commute is normal
- Quaint hometown civic pride - people are trying to give us a vibrant arts and culture scene and it's wonderful

Things I don't like:
- It's Wichita, Kansas
- Politics
- Crap for public transportation
- Far from ALL tourist destinations
- Fear that my kids are going to realize this is the center of hell and bail out of here faster than I can say "but we raised you..."
- Guilt that my five year old has never seen the ocean
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