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How to delegate an assignment

1) Get title of assignment
2) Maybe ask a very simple question for clarification, like... what airplane model is this for?
3) Send to new guy
4) If you're afraid new guy can't handle it, maybe send it along with "my step 1 would be ____"
5) If you don't hear anything from new guy, go ask how it's going

How to NOT delegate an assignment

1) Get title of assignment
2) Ask ALL relevant questions in personal meetings with interested parties
3) Schedule 1-hour meeting with new guy
4) Present new guy with detailed list of all considerations, possible risks and pitfalls, based on your meetings and 20 years of experience
5) Smile and say "this is an opportunity for you"
6) If you don't hear anything from new guy, go to all other interested parties, gather more information, tell new guy you're just taking this one back after two days but you'll cc him on your emails.

In other words... the best way to delegate is to step back and depend on the other person to sort out the gaps. Do not sort out every single thing in your head and speed ten miles down the highway from the person you're trying to delegate to, shouting back, "Why aren't you wiiiiithhhhh meeeeee..."
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