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take the skinheads bowling, take them bowling

Had quite the productive day today. I worked a long time on a website I'm doing for my uncle's business, as part of that I learned how to do image maps which weren't hard but hey, it's nice to say I did one once. I'm kinda proud of this website, it's not gorgeous (although I'm getting some design tips from #beosghetto, which I appreciate!) but it's got the most extensive style sheet I've ever done and I think it's clean looking.

My mom and sister have both actually suggested that I just go legit with the freelance stuff. Like, be my own boss, make keys, get an ad in the yellow pages, all that. I just might! Although I'm just now starting to get the hang of the art of stalking web design firm orders. I call, their secretary offers an e-mail address, I say I'd rather talk (it makes it tougher to get rid of me that way, ha!) I walk in, I find out where the guy lives and write my skills summary and three professional references in blood on his living room wall, all the basic job-hunter stuff, just trying to get a foot in the door.

Then I went shopping with mom for a few hours. We went to target and then jc penny's to look at stuff for my room, which is really the guest room since they sold my furniture but it's fun to decorate anyway. We found some gorgeous bedding on sale in the eddie bauer catalog last week and ordered it and today bought a dust ruffle and some big square euro pillows to go with the special euro pillow shams. I never knew europeans had square pillows, I feel so educated.

We went to borders then the grocery store where we decided tonight was a good night for grilled salmon. Bought that, came home, made a lovely dinner with salad and rice and wine and peas and the salmon. Mom says I need to learn how to cook. I say I'm hopeless. That, and I'm hoping that when I'm on my own making money it'll just come naturally, like, I'll evolve into it. In college I considered myself a culinary artist for putting loose hamburger meat in with my kraft macaroni and cheese, but I realize I can't live like that forever. Oh, and I know how to make one chicken dish: Dave and I were always cutting it up and simmering the peices in cream of mushroom soup to put over pasta (my preference) or rice (his preference). So see, a year ago I didn't know how to make any chicken dish, see how far I've come?

After dinner, the whole family went bowling! I was in no mood to call my psuedo-friends (they were probably out seeing the powerpuff girls movie again anyway!) so I was all for it. All four of us went, it was totally wholesome. My sister sucks at bowling but we helped her out a bit, and one of my games was a 151(!). This is kinda sad because I've never bowled a 151 in the league, it sure would help out the team (and me!), but now I know how it feels so maybe I can pull it off some time. sigh.

I think dave is coming to see me tomorrow. yay!
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