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Best of 2015

I'm going to combine my "what happened this year" with "best entries" in this annual roundup. To find my most notable entries I used Google's site search and set the filter to "this year", just to see what hit the internet's radars.

January - Websites aren't DIY anymore and it's sad - the rise of 3rd party CMS and kids these days.

February - I still really like Etsy despite criticism that they're being too open on their definition of "handmade" and selling out to manufacturers. Still feel that way for sure.

March - Why I'm in the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) - I actually became a lifetime member this year! We also celebrated epic pi day with a party.

April - Finally wrote up an entry on how I met my husband.

May - Reviewed two methods pilots uses for Crosswind Calculations - mnemonics vs. plain old trigonometry. I choose trig.

June - Traveled to Buffalo NY for marc's registration and visited the Seneca museum and Corning glass museum, both fantastic.

July - Wrote about safety margins and how engineers know it can't be 100%, making us different from the rest of the population.

August - Why donating to thrift stores is not that eco-friendly Celeb news commentary on Christian leaders in megacheater databases

September - Took my 5 year old on an airplane ride out to Hutch with another girl, we had a blast and she loved seeing the houses from above! Little Olive has yet to go on a flight with us.

October - Traveled to Seattle to meet rowan and bork from at GeekGirlCon, fantastic trip!

November - Speech pacing - yet another voice in my life reminding me that great leaders slow down and maintain calm in the face of craziness.

December - another great Christmas! relaxing holiday break, spent Christmas in KC and now we're back and I'm not writing much but there's lots of crafting, playing, friends over and relaxing, that's it.
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