Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Etsy for the holidays

Yup I'm still on Etsy. I shall post about it... oh gosh my current frequency is about twice a year.

But with everybody's holiday shopping going on I figured this was a good time, especially with shipping deadlines looming.

Buy handmade! It's fun.

I run a site called - sort of a hot or not for Etsy things. Today's contest is desk items. Your friends might need office stuff!

Last month we had a contest that was all sharks. The winner:

Great White Shark Stuffed Animal, handknit plush shark. Handmade Stuffed animal.1st place November 12th, 2015
Theme Thursday! Shark items from $1-$50.

Great White Shark Stuffed Animal, handknit plush shark. Handmade Stuffed animal.
by FeltedFriends

It has a big page of coupon codes - artists who REALLY want you to visit them. They sign up themselves, make their own discount codes, they need your love.
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