Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

awake girl, site updates

I did not take nyquil last night, and you know what? I didn't sleep for twelve hours straight! I actually woke up at like 7, ate breakfast, read my book, then took a nap.

Updated the site a little bit... first, I added a new section to Ask Spacefem called Ask Spacefem's Boyfriend. It's for all those people who think I hate men to get advice from someone who is a man. For now I just made up questions and answers to get started, but I'll let the real Dave take a crack at them when he's got time. To tell the truth I kinda miss the days on Spacefem's Planet when I had to make up all the questions, I made more sense than some of the people who e-mail me now. Anyway, I'm not sure how long I'll keep this new feature around but I'm getting a kick out of it today.

I also added a feature a few days ago that lets you advertise on I'm only accepting 88x31 pixel banners less than 2k in size for now, but it's free and open to everyone. I've already had to explain to one neopets shop owner than 88x31 is nothing like 217x137, but other than that the program has gone smoothly. It's also been fun to track which banners actually get clicked on: the results have been unlikely. Maybe I'll do a report on that little phenomenon in a few days.

Oh, and the author of yesterday's Hate Mail Of The Day entry actually e-mailed again saying that he'd been under pressure lately and felt bad about being so mean to me and said my site was cool and asked for forgiveness! That's a first... I guess the internet gods love me after all, huh? I just don't have the heart to link to yesterday's entry and thank him for the amusing time we all had...
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