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The size 3T fashion low point

Twice a year when the seasons change, it's clothing flip time. Jojo, our overprivileged oldest, gets new clothes. I pack her clothes away in a clear tub with a masking tape label - this last one said "XS 4-5 SUMMER". I also retrieve an appropriate tub of hand-me-downs for our deprived second child, Olive. I found and opened the bin that said "3T winter".

Let me tell you - this is the worst bin yet.

The one I packed away, "XS 4-5 SUMMER", actually has some cute clothes in it because Josie is pretty excited about clothes shopping and dressing herself, she loves cats, rainbows, unicorns, the color pink. I'm not thrilled that the wardrobe has shifted sharply into pink and purple but at least things match that way right?

But the 3T bin? Josie clearly did not give a shit yet.

And based on the fact that we'd been buying her clothes for 3 years, I'm afraid it looks like we also did not give a shit. A 2-3 year old is not a cute tiny baby that everyone buys onesies for. It's a nasty snotty toddler. So between us not caring and her not caring, I'm ready to declare 3T as the official low point of kids fashion. It's a nasty mishmash of clearance rack finds, thrift store tokens, hand me downs from random other families, and separate pieces that made me question whether we did laundry that year at all.

Just to remember what was going on, I flipped through some old photos:

You guys... this is what she was wearing when I thought she was cute enough to photograph... a white t-shirt that doesn't even fit:

this is creative but what's with the cyan jeans?

and there's a tutu with jeans, that's a good look:

It's all coming together, kinda. Josie loved dressing herself but culture and development hadn't lined up to make her want to match anything. We didn't sweat it - still won't. Toddlers don't even like wearing clothes 90% of the time, Olive certainly doesn't, so why give it much thought?

Well Olive that's what you get to work with this year. It's uphill from here, kid.
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