Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

funny hate mail of the day

I shouldn't post stuff like this, but the urge is too strong...

Your intelligence test does NOT measure someone intelligence accuratly. I have taken a few IQ tests. Everyone i get a result of about 119 to 120. Your results said i was average. That isn't ture. an IQ of 100 is average ok, 120 is fairly above average. That is very stupid, u should also put that this test doesn't measure intelligence of someone correctly. Also the Real stickdeath site is as you can see it is much better and he worked his ass off on it. Also my IQ test that i took was not an online one it was one issued at school. So dont YOU DARE TELL ME that yours is right and the one i took is wrong. Or i Will e-mail u some more complaints.

I get in more trouble for that damn intelligence test! And now I've got to go back and change the scoring again, I can't leave it the way it is knowing that people like this get "average"...

For the record, I got about ten e-mails today, and this was the only bad one. I just love being spacefem. Even hate mail makes me love being spacefem, it's all just... smile-worthy. Who on earth would I have been had I been born in another time? I don't care if the .coms all died last year, this is the golden age of the internet, everyone is on, everyone is free, everyone is growing up connected to one another. I think we have a ways to go, and it's going to get better, but for now I'm happy, no, thrilled, with what I have.

Now I need to think of a response to make that guy just as thrilled as I am... oh hell, no I don't.
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