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breaking up with sippy cups

With kids you constantly have this battle of independence vs. convenience. Do you unload the dishwasher yourself in 5 minutes without breaking any dishes, or let your toddler "help"? Leave your kid in diapers so you can go to Target without fear of consequences, or watch them like a hawk stalking them with a tiny toilet in the house all day in an attempt to potty train? So many baby things were invented to make the parents life easier.

Sippy cups is one of those things. Our are getting increasingly lost or worn out. But we've got this habit with Olive, age 2 and some months... wake up in the morning, relax on the couch, throw her a sippy cup of milk she can leave around or drink out of and be peaceful.

She can drink out of normal cups now, but there's a risk to that. They spill. They can't be left on the couch.

I read all these posts against sippy cups...

1) They teach kids to just have a drink around with calories that you mindlessly nurse all day. Some ADULTS have this habit... just gotta have a drink in hand! It's not really healthy. Hydration is important, sure, but it shouldn't be thoughtless. And let's face it, for both kids and adults, most of the time we have something in a cup it is not pure water.

2) Injuries due to sippy cups are notable. They turn into projectiles in car accidents. Early walkers stumble while holding on to them.

3) Bad for teeth/mouths/speech development etc to be sucking on something all day instead of just taking a good size drink from a normal cup and calling it good.

So that's where we're at. I'm constantly tempted to have sippy cups for olive because they're so darn easy... so now that ours are worn out, I want to buy some new ones. But NO, be strong, I'm saying, we can gain independence!

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