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took my five year old flying

So I haven't posted much but I have been flying again. I know I know - my last post about it I was kinda "EFFFF THIS" because I was frustrated about losing currency, anxious and unsure how to fit this into my life. But after a few more comfort flights with instructors I finally put on my big girl pants and flew an airplane by myself. Then I did it again - boring stuff, fly to an airport, do some touch and goes, fly back.

A friend of mine from SWE just got her license, and we were talking about keeping each other motivated, so when we heard our local women pilots organization (the 99s) was hosting a fly-in out at the Hutchinson airport steakhouse we decided to give it a go. I took Josie with me too, since she was really excited about flying but unlike my husband, she doesn't weigh enough to mess up our fuel reserves and unlike my two-year-old, she's kind of manageable, predictable, and maybe making memories. So off she went.

I flew the first leg down and my friend was the copilot and, we joked, flight attendant, since I asked her to check on Josie in the back seat a few times. Josie was doing great, except at one time we looked back and she was freezing because these blowers were shooting cold outside air at her.

I realized I should have told her how to turn the blowers and shut them off. Before our flight, I made her sit in the front seat herself and open the doors just to show me she could do it. That's a safety thing in little airplanes - if something bad happens, you want every passenger to be able to escape. She had to get both hands under the door handle and push up with everything she had but she could do it!

It's funny because in cars, there are these child safety locks and window locks so kids can't open doors and it's always made me feel funny because what if we wreck and she's the only one in the car? Different philosophy.

Oh but back to the blowers. I felt bad and it made me wonder what I should be telling passengers about - I looked up some info on basic passenger briefings. And darn it if the FAA didn't already think of this and I probably learned it in ground school and was supposed to remember it.

There's even a mnemonic because they love mnemonics:

S - Seat Belts - how to use them and when they have to be fastened
A - Air vents - duh
F - Fire extinguisher - I don't think a five year old can handle that one
E - Exit doors and evacuation plan
T - Talking and Traffic - there are times when you must shut up and not bug your pilot, like when she's on approach. But it's nice if everybody is involved in helping look for traffic and spotting airplanes and pointing them out.
Y - Your questions

So okay, I'll know for next time.

The Hutch steakhouse had a lunch buffet and Josie decided she loved the rolls. She killed at least three of them and they were big. Then on the way home she passed the hell out and slept through every bit of the flight including my friend's landing, taxi back to the hangar and engine shutoff. We were yelling "JOSIE WAKE UP!" and she wasn't, then my friend said "uh she's still got her earmuffs on" and we realized she couldn't hear us, so we took them off.

They're just hearing protection, not headsets. Another gal had a kid with her and her son did have headsets but she said they weren't working out, on the way home he would have to unplug the mic input because five year olds don't listen well when you ask them to not talk.

oh well.

here's this bug:

here she is with her in-flight entertainment that she brought with her - a clipboard, paper and a lunchbox of markers:

and here is an aerial photo of Wichita, Kansas taken through the window:
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