Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

Why fundamentalist Christians turn up in mega-cheater databases

This is so not hard to figure out. In fact if you asked me to come up with the perfect formula to enable under-the-radar perverts I don't think I could do any better than the following:

Step 1: Brainwash a person from childhood to believe that "others" are the problem: gays, feminists, non-christians, welfare recipients, anybody who "ain't from around here". If you're not one of those things then you're doing alright!

Step 2: More brainwashing: unquestionable authority is good for people. Men and women should fit into strict gender roles with power structures clearly defined, the husband is responsible for all decision making.

Step 3: Keep your teens from dating, tell them that God is the only thing you need in marriage so why talk about it or even get to know the person you're marrying? Does he go to your church? Does your father approve? Then ladies what more could you want!

Step 4: scandal? I'm SHOCKED!

no check that, I'm faking being shocked. always, guys.

sorry about the celeb news commentary, you can all get back to your real lives.

Tags: christianity, feminism

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