Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

environmentalism and parties

How much do you consider the environment when making day to day decisions (what to buy, what to throw away or recycle, etc)? For the environmentally conscious, what's one simple thing that is environmentally friendly that you wish more people would do?
You know what's one thing I wish people would do? Stop with the paper plates and throwaway party cups.

We like to have parties. I hated the bags of trash that would happen - paper plates, cups, forks. If you have ten people over they will easily make a bags of trash that you're leaving the party to take out. So I just stopped doing the throwaway thing. I bought packs of reusable plastic cups, like stadium cups. They come in packs of 4-6. I set out sharpies and told our friends that YES you can still write your name on that cup, and if you come back to our house maybe you'll find it next time, and if you don't come back well someone else will just cross your name out. Or pretend to be "angie" today. No big deal!

We set out our real plates and real forks and told everyone to just keep track. And life was so much nicer. No giant bags of trash. Yes we had dishes to wash but we have a dishwasher, and a load of just basic cups and plates is the easiest to run.

Some of those cups with names on them we've had around for years and they make for great memories. There are cups where little kids scrawled their name at age four, and now the handwriting is much improved but the ugly early writing is cute. When we're not partying we stack up the cups and keep them in a closet, no big deal, but when people come over we get them out and we've got plenty.
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