Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

web design rant: down with big sliders

Dear web designers: remember splash screens? You'd go to a web page and instead of seeing the content, you'd see a giant logo to get you mentally ready for all the awesome you're apparently supposed to get ready for and a tiny text that says "click here to enter our page"? Splash screens were bad for everybody's experience and quickly went away.

Well they've been replaced with something even worse: the big slider!

You know what I'm talking about... giant images that take up most of the real estate on a home page that transition between one another in a slideshow sort of format. So if I as a visitor do see something that catches my eye, it's usually gone by the time I realize I have to click on it. Then I'm either waiting for it to come back or clicking some tiny arbitrary dots with no text to help me find the right one again.

stooooop for the love of all things friendly.

Do web designers think that we want to just sit and stare at a home page? Immerse ourselves in "the experience"? Do they think we have nothing to do?

Show me the gdamn headline and let me click on what I want. I am not enticed by your giant rotating images, I am inconvenienced and annoyed.

Last summer I had to email a local church because I couldn't find the date for their kids summer bible school event. I found the signup page, and the place to pay for it. I didn't know when it was happening - seems like crucial information. They replied that I was supposed to wait for the 5th big slider on their homepage and the dates were on the graphic. Oh that's nice. So, not googleable, not on the signup page, not copy/paste-able... just wait for it?

Big sliders deserve to be sent to web design hell right along with splash screens, popups, the blink tag, and animated GIF backgrounds. They are painful and need to go away.
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