Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

friday five

1) If you had to eat nothing but CEREAL for a week, what types would you eat?

Like, only one kind of cereal? Well right now the box I have is Life. It's pretty good. Sometimes I also really like chocolate crunchy balls or peanut butter crunchy chocolate balls.

2) Have you ever bought candy/cereal/snack JUST for the PRIZE inside?

When I was a kid, yeah... but I don't think they do that anymore. I still buy kid cereals all the time - cocoa pebbles or rice crispies or count chocula. But there are no prizes.

Once when I was a kid the cinnamon toast crunch boxes had a mail-in where you could send in box tops and get glow in the dark star stickers. Didn't even have to pay shipping and handling! Which was awesome because I had no way to pay anything... but I had access to postage stamps. So I got a STACK of those star stickers.

3) What is the earliest you have ever been drunk?

When we go on float trips we start as soon as we hit the water. So, 8 or 9 am. It's totally acceptable to have jello shots for breakfast out there.

4) Name one thing you have taken apart and could NOT put back together.

I can't think of anything, mostly because I am REALLY determined to solve the puzzle of putting something back together if I see that it's been taken apart, but certainly if it was taken apart by me. I would have to try everything.

5) Three musketeers or three stooges?

Neither... The THREE AMIGOS!


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