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I considered starting a journal for aggy, my parakeet. It'd be like, "Today, I chewed on my swing. Then I got in a fight with Naboo because she was eating my lettuce. I need to get to sleep now so I can wake up at 5 a.m. and chirp a lot."

I'm sure it's been done before, I just figure someone would find it amusing for a while.

Last night I had the worst time bowling... never got my average, and my average is a 106 so it shouldn't be that hard. Our team lost all three games, it was just sad. I'd get all mad and jump up and down and almost make gestures to the pins then JL would tell me it was just a game and complain that his elbow hurt. Great, my team has an injury list! I think he'll survive though.

Then we went to johnny's, which wasn't great because a big group was there and they had taken all the trivia player thingies. And we always get crappy service there. We're thinking about switching our post-bowling location, this is a big deal since there's like ten of us that meet there.

Then Mikey kidnapped me. I'd been worried this week because I'd called him like three times and he never called back, which is very unlike him, usually I'm the one being stalked. But I came to find out he had been calling, I just hadn't gotten any of the messages. curses! Oh well. He gave me the next David Eddings book (first one was okay, not much happened, and I don't really like the characters much) then somehow got me to play Magic: The Gathering with him. Damn, haven't played that stupid game since I was 14 or so. But he had a nice green deck for me to use so I went for it. The first game went really fast and I won and it was great, the second got long, we both had lines of characters in play and my hand was full of boring instants and he had a Fountain of Youth out so he'd never freaking die. I gave up when he attacked with like four creatures and I just didn't have the will to figure out how to block, so I just took the damage to die finally. That game is so nerdy.

Today I called a bunch of web design companies in the area, because dad got me this book ("What Color Is Your Parachute?") about job hunting and it says you have to be aggressive and talk to people whether the company has openings or not. Okay! I think I contacted seven of them, they all told me to stick it but that doesn't really phase me anymore. Then I got an e-mail from my placement person in Des Moines asking if I knew Cold Fusion. I thought about going out and buying a book and learning this afternoon, but resisted, I've barely even heard of Cold Fusion and already decided I would learn C++ next. So I told her the truth, that I was not qualified to be a Cold Fusion programmer/developer/whathaveyou.

Time to work out!
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