Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

friday 5: childhood & play

this week's Friday 5
1. What is something that you loved doing as a kid that you hate doing now?
fast food breakfast. sometimes I eat fast food for lunch and it's okay, but I never really find a ton of enjoyment in it, kinda feel bad about myself. and I really almost never eat fast food breakfast sandwiches because I just don't need that much for breakfast and don't like all the sodium.

But when I was like seven or eight I promised myself that when I gained independence I would definitely eat mcdonalds for breakfast ever day. That would mean I'd really made it.

Sometime in college I realized that I could technically do that... but no motivation.

2. What is something that you hated doing as a kid that you love doing now?
Going to the hardware store. My dad was always going there and I just thought he'd take FOREVER and it was SO boring. I don't know why I was so sick of it because honestly the hardware store is the most incredible place. And when I was a little kid, I have memories of shopping places with my dad, holding his hand and being excited. And now I love doing about anything with my dad. But someplace in between, I just had no interest.

3. Do you still play (in the childhood sense of the word)?
Writing website code is the closest thing I do to independent play. And I play with my kids... does that count? Josie can play dice games now. We got out the wooden train set this week and had a blast. We like building things with blocks, Olive can say "house" when she builds some odd structure. That's all a lot of fun.

4. If not, what is stopping you?
5. If so, what do you like to play?

C'mon friday 5, I think 3-5 are basically one question. Need to step up the game.

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