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boooo! @fabricdotcom now charges more for half yards

My least favorite part about buying fabric has been and always will be the dreaded Fabric Counter.

You wait in line. It takes forever. Some nosy clerk is asking "what are you making!" when really it doesn't matter you're just hoarding fabric like you do. and if you only need a little bit of 10 different kinds of fabric, then it REALLY takes forever, you feel bad for holding up the line.

Then I discovered and have been a loyal customer ever since! I make little things... zipper pouches, toddler dresses... I rarely need a whole yard. a half yard does it. They have free shipping on orders over $35 so I'd order half yards of fabric to my hearts' content, click submit and days later it just shows up with no line-waiting or awkward conversations had at any fabric cutting counter, it was a dream. And yes their fabrics are a tad bit more expensive than the local shops, but it was worth it to me saving all that time.

Until now. I went to pick out some fabrics this week to find that they are apparently unhappy with me and my half yard ordering ways, because they now add a penalty of sorts if you order less than one yard of the same kind of fabric.

Something that's $9.50 a yard used to cost me $4.25 for a half yard. cause you know, it's half. now it's $7.11... I only need half the fabric but I have to pay 75% of the price.

my cliche-loving dad had a saying about this, when asked why a business charged more for something he'd say "because they can."

it just bums me out because I've been so happy these past few years ordering fabric online, now that my habits are punishable and subject to a 50% markup, I don't feel like it's worth it anymore. No local shop does this. You want half a yard, you buy it... that's the point of fabric by the yard.

we shall now part ways, it was fun while it lasted.
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