Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

strep throat saga

Oh joy I have strep throat for third time this year.

Just to review my medical history: I am a healthy female who rarely needed antibiotics and had never had strep throat, for 34 years.

Then I had it last March 13, saw my doctor, went on amoxicillin for 10 days and knocked it out. Then I had it May 12. more amoxicillin. I woke up yesterday, June 20, with that FEELING again - now I know just what it feels like. I know what it tastes like: infectiony. I know that ibuprofen makes it tolerable, mornings will be miserable, late morning will be better, but the pain will be around all day. I know that if I start a 10-day course of antibiotics it only takes ~24 hours to feel amazingly better. And I know that medically speaking you're supposed to be so contagious you avoid the whole public, but last time I had it I failed the rapid test at the immediate care and it took three days for the culture test to show positive results, my doctor said I could just work since maybe it wasn't strep so I was at work the whole time, so apparently when in doubt nobody cares if I go to work... it's not like ebola. that experience made me care a lot less about self-quarantine.

So I'm sitting here debating... do I go to immediate care today (Sunday) in an attempt to start antibiotics again, or wait until I get a free moment to go to my real doctor.

Factors for consideration:

1) I'd like to talk to my primary care doctor about why I can't shake this infection, not an immediate care doctor. that means I can't do anything today because it's sunday.

2) My monday is BOOKED at work, too much important stuff, so no seeing my real doctor then. It'll have to be Tuesday.

3) Have a flight monday with an instructor. it's supposed to be too windy but if it works... I'll really have this flight thing made, he's already signed me off on my biannual I just wanted a last flight to work on crosswinds, it was a personal decision.

4) probably not nice to go flying with an instructor if I'm harboring an untreated strep infection.

5) but he's probably tired of me trying to cancel and reschedule shit too. so if I really want to fly, I should go to immediate care today.

6) I have a good book to read if I go to immediate care today. it'll be a relaxing hour in the waiting room.

7) gosh, wednesday almost my whole afternoon is clear, that'd be a good time to go to my doctor. of course it means exposing everyone I see for three days.

8) maybe if I don't see any doctor and push through it my body will learn to fight it alone and really defeat it for good?

9) of course that one guy at my work said he didn't treat strep in college, and the infection spread and screwed up his heart forever. so I should probably at least talk to some doctor.

10) almonds make it feel a lot worse, that's a shame, I love snacking on almonds.

11) I wonder what my five year old is planning to do with that giant box of dead flowers she picked up from the shedding mimosa tree in the back yard.

12) well, at least she picked them up.

13) wow I can't believe it's 9:30 already. I should change out of my pajama pants.

I'm going to keep doing nothing. for now.
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