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I went shopping for work clothes the other day for almost an entire afternoon and found NOTHING, it was amazing really. I went to department stores, mall stores, finally the nice stores up at bradley fair (ann taylor, talbot's) and maybe I was shopped out by then but I still just hated everything in the stores.

when you're not finding anything, it gets increasingly annoying being greeted by overly perky salespeople. "Hi how ARE you! Can you believe how nice a day we're having! What are you looking for today? Let me tell you about our specials in 5000 words or less!" zomg

Is it just me or are clothes being "titled" past their importance a bit these days? How many shirts in the world can really be called "essential"? Also pretty presumptuous to assume that you can create my "favorite t" - that's for me to decide, thanks.

one store had the "ultimate weekend shirt" - ultimate, really? and I have a weekend shirt. It's a grimy old t-shirt I sleep in that says "Kansas State Fair 2005". It does not need a $40 replacement. do people really go shopping for clothes to relax in?

It made me remember that episode of strongbad emails where he lists "giving chocolate deserts dangerous names" as one of the top items on his "bottom 10". chocozuma's revenge. chocolardiac arrest.

anyway here's the issues I have with current styles:

1) I feel like maybe most people buying summer clothes are buying them for the beach or the club, not their office job, so the work clothes sections are pretty sparse.

2) There's this trend of big loose flowy tops that's really not working for me, maybe short people can get away with that "cute short girl in a big shirt" idea but as a tall woman I just feel like a linebacker.

3) I surveyed the crowd at this year's SWE conference and we were undecided about whether sheer tops over a cami were an acceptable professional choice for the workplace. Anything where you can see straps, people said, is questionable. I don't want to be questionable.

4) I am still trying to buy natural fibers like cotton, avoid polyester and rayon, and acrylic is on my all-out boycott list.

When I got home I ordered some basics from penny's because they have tall sizes in plain cotton button shirts, which I'll just use as my go-to. I don't need all tall size tops, with short sleeves it doesn't matter much, but putting in "tall" as a filter reduces my choices a bit so I just shrug and go with the simple. I won't be terribly stylish, but acceptable is a good enough goal.
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