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Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum

On the way home last weekend we stopped in Chanute, Kansas to visit the Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum. I was inspired to visit there when I read I Married Adventure, a fantastic memoir by Osa Johnson in which she tells all about abandoning her Kansas life to marry a traveling photographer. Together they visit the south seas, Australia, Europe and Africa, bring back photographs and artifacts and films to tell Americans that there's a whole big world out there.

Much of what they brought back is in this very nicely maintained museum, two hours west of Wichita. I joked with Marc that it's sad/funny that the most famous and interesting Kansans are people who got the hell out of Kansas, but aren't we glad they did.

We had the kids with us, and there was some fun to be had, but it was also a Sunday. If you're looking to kill time go on a not sunday when the library is also open, they share a building and libraries are always a fun attraction for kids.

We skipped the 10 minute introductory video, I kinda wish we hadn't, we were worried about the kiddos attention span. so I probably missed some of the storytelling experience of the museum. but as I said, I read the book.

Instead we started upstairs in a room full of musical instruments from all over the world that they had a great time with...

Josie got to have her own safari book like osa johnson so she could record her adventures and wonders. She was pretty excited about that. So far her wonders have included a drawing of a flower, and one of ice cream:

I liked the model airplanes, including this 3ft Sikorsky S-39 painted like Osa's "spirit of africa":

Admission was $6 for adults and free for kids, so very inexpensive and definitely worth it.

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