Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

weekend in springfield

this week I took vacation on friday and we drove to springfield, mo to meet up with our partners in crime from back in the day. In 2005 I met a guy at a linux meetup who's girlfriend had a house and was looking to rent out a room, so I moved in with her, and for a little over a year we had this nerdy party house happening with marc and her boyfriend always around. it was a lot of computers and stupid movies and alcohol and it was wonderful. but then they moved, and my good friend ms a and her husband who were always hanging out, they moved too.

but get us together and it's the same again immediately. except that some of us have kids, so there was that.

for some reason friday night little olive had an upset stomach, I thought it might be the drive, she was just sitting on the couch and yakked everywhere, we cleaned it up but it happened again late at night. then saturday morning we drove to bass pro shop, stopped at burger king and got some hash browns to share, olive was happily eating until... more toddler puke. she's never done this so I have no idea what's up! but we cancelled the sitter we were having to watch all the kids so we could go out saturday, and instead sat at the house watching Italian Job.

We sat outside a lot too, they have a nice new deck and the weather was beautiful until it turned stormy in the evening.

Olive got to feeling better Sunday. We all slept in the same room - marc and josie and me in a king size bed, olive in a sleeping bag on the floor that she wiggled out of but then turned into a sort of nest. she was alright and nobody else got sick.

vacation sickness is a party foul, for sure.
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