Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

my most disasterous job interview

Have you ever had a disastrous job interview? If so, what went wrong?
Oh god. repressed memory. I think it was lockheed martin interviewing me on campus when I was about to graduate with my engineering degree, the person who'd be interviewing me was chatting with the gal at the career services desk when I showed up. He just said, "Oh glad you're here, we'll be in room 3B... there's a video set up for you to watch, go ahead and start it."

So I go into the room and there's a TV in one corner, hooked to a video camera. I'm thinking okay, they're using the video camera for playback. I turn on the TV and am fiddling with this thing and don't even think it's hooked up right so I start to unhook it and trace everything back when suddenly I realize I'm probably way overcomplicating something, and I go back out and tell the guy I can't get the video to play, even after changing all these settings on the camera to switch it to playback mode.

He goes into the room, opens the cabinet that the TV is on, presses play on the VCR.

I got no callbacks from that interview, to this day I think the VCR was some kind of test. Well I failed. At least, I felt like a moron for the rest of the interview.
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