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favorite deserts

question meme day astrogeek01 asked, What is your favorite dessert (or desserts, if you can't pick just one) that you don't get to have very often, why do you like it, and why don't you get to have it often?

sign of my privileged life: I can't think of any food I want that I don't get as much as I want. I guess I will say that I wish Wichita Kansas had a Cheesecake Factory, and a place to get Tippin's french silk pie, both of which are easy to find in Kansas City. But since I'm in Kansas City on a regular basis to visit family, I don't even feel right saying that those are out of reach.

I do wish I knew how to make a good chocolate martini. I keep experimenting. I'm not quite there yet.

I eat chocolate every day, I try to get organic bars and break off little bits but sometimes it's from the bag of doves in my desk when I haven't been that good. I take Josie to our neighborhood chocolate shop, Cero's, several times a year - I know and love the owners and they have the best hazelnut truffles.

If anything it'd be easier to talk about deserts I do not like:

- Cookies with any kind of fruit involved. Raisins, cranberries, all lead to disappointment.
- Most fruit pies. Apple is okay, but everything else is weird. Especially peach. I do not like peach.
- Someday my inlaws will understand that I do not approve of things in jello.

And I just want to emphasize that chocolate should be the goal of any desert.
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