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my livejournal in books

here's a nice feature of livejournal that's kept me around:

yup, that's my livejournal, printed up and bound as books. I have about 6" on a shelf dedicated to these now, dating from the end of 2001 to now the end of 2014. This is the second time I've ordered books - the first time was in 2011, I wanted to make sure the bulk of my livejournal was updated and I had a baby in 2010 so I figured it was a year worth remembering. I said I'd get more books printed every year, but didn't. Here I am again. This time I did two years per book and they're not too crazy heavy so maybe that's a good move. 150 pages makes for a really light nothing book. 400 pages is too big, I think. So someplace in the middle is good.

Anyway here's how to do this:

1) Visit to export your livejournal into a pdf. And throw them some money while you're at it, they love getting a quick little donation for a service well done, I have!

2) Visit to upload the PDF, create a cover and place your order. There are other book publishing services as well but this is the one I found that I like.

My two lulu books plus shipping cost me less than $30. This was for paperback, color cover, black and white pages. They have hardcover options.

ta-da. Now if the internet goes away, all this blogging I did will still be around for posterity's sake, so my grandchildren can read about all my trials, mistakes, achievements, annoying tendency to rant, and obsession with the internet.
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