Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

age 5, despair, and what's the worst thing ever

The almost 2 years old Spacebaby2 had a traumatic moment the other day. She wasn't allowed to stick her hand in a glass of ice water left on the coffee table, because adults around her wanted to be able to drink a glass of water without grungy toddler fingers having been in it. We told her no. It's basically the worst thing ever, she totally broke down, so I scooped her up and comforted her and said, "Oh, the despair!"

This lead her older sister, almost 5, to ask me, "What's despair?"

"It's when there's just so much sadness. A lot of awful things that make a person sad, sad, sad!" I explained.

"I have despair," she says.

I looked at her with that, "really?" kind of look and explained that no, child, you are not even FIVE, nothing bad has EVER happened to you in your tiny life. You do not have despair.

Then a thought occurred to me and I asked her, "Josie? What's the worst thing that's EVER happened to you?"

She thought for a minute and said "Once I was playing with my hula hoop and it wouldn't stay up."

OH WELL my mistake. the struggle is real, apparently, she DOES have a hard life. the WORST.

It's all relative. I know.
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