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my childhood crafting memories

today's question is from jume

Did you do any crafting as a kid/teen? If so, how does it differ from the crafting you've done as an adult? If not, how did you get started?

oh gosh yes. as a kid, I made everything. that's part of the reason it's so fun seeing josie's enthusiasm for art. or maybe just art supplies? I also loved drawing, stringing beads, gluing everything to paper. we had an "art department" in the basement with several shelves of supplies. and I always had paper, dad would bring it home from his office, documents they didn't need anymore so I could color on the back of them.

when I was 9 or 10 my friends and I started making friendship bracelets. I made a zillion. I had a plastic box full of embroidery thread, at least 100 colors. they were 3 for $1 I think, sometimes 4 for $1 on sale. I still have the box:

I remember my room as a teenager as a sort of enchanted place, with glowing stars and all this stuff hanging off the ceiling... sequined foam balls as planets, lego spaceships, clear beads on glowing string, posterboards of school projects. for a while I was into making villages of tiny houses out of toothpicks.

in middle school I took sewing in home ec, it didn't go so well, not a lot of guidance. so I don't remember exactly when I started sewing. maybe some in high school? I did a lot of it when I'd come home from college. I'm tall so if I want sweatpants or pajama pants, they're so easy to make. and I'd do halloween costumes. then for graduation, mom got me a sewing machine.

I did learn to knit and crochet but didn't like it as much as sewing, and I have friends who do that so I guess I feel like I don't have to? I sew now, and I own scrapbook paper for various crafting projects, that's about it.
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