Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,


I wish I knew what I was sick with last weekend. Friday I was all nasty at work, coughing and sneezing and running through tissues at an annoying pace, grossing people out. I said I had a head cold and was leaving early to go home sick. I still didn't get out until 4:30. we've been working saturdays but that was off the table, and I feel bad about it.

saturday I spent almost the whole the day on the couch feeling achy. my skin crawled, my eyeballs hurt, I took a shower and the water felt good but it didn't change much. I felt clean, achy, and miserable.

ibuprofen helped a little.

now all week I've got this cough I can't shake, I sound nasty, and I'm winded and feel like I lost some lung capacity out of the deal.

can a stupid cold really be so bad? it's like I have no defenses. I'm tired of being sick.
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