Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

new e-mail!

Everyone, I have a new e-mail address!

I'm now spacefem@, uh, you-know-where. here we go...

my old e-mail account is being abandoned because it's been totally taken over by spammers who send me 100K attachments. Now that I have another server that won't get shut down by 100K attachments, that's not such a big deal, but I still don't want a million spammers to get a hold of my e-mail address.

On slashdot and other places, people always write their e-mail address as and stuff like that. It works for me, but as you'll remember not everyone who sends me e-mail is 100% with it here (these are people who want to know how to make a page full of useless blobs on angelfire so they can have a Miss Blob USA contest among neopets store owners... you get the picture) and I want this to be an equal opportunity e-mail address.


1) What's a good way to keep your e-mail out of SPAMMER hands?

2) When you see an e-mail address that's got some big NOSPAM thing in the middle, do you know what to do?

3) Is putting something like that in my e-mail effective at all?

4) Can Moby ever look like he's from this world? I mean seriously, in all his photos he's got this wide-eyed look on his face like, "I EAT BRAINS!" Or am I the only one who gets that feeling?
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