Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

little girls and earrings

Josie is going to be five in a few weeks, and for her birthday she really wants her ears pierced. I know! Where does she hear about this stuff?

Preschool! the social pressures, you wouldn't believe it. She's been asking about this since she was three and saw other girls in her class with earrings.

I asked her, "Do you want earrings just because your friend sophia has them?" and she said yes. hmmm. too bad about the conformity, but points for honesty!

I had friends who had their daughters ears pierced as a baby which I was totally against. For one, a lot of them had their ears pierced so that people will "know she's a girl" and that's an unfortunate reason, why is it so important for people to know that an infant is a girl? How about we just let them be little people as long as we can, before society's tight gender boxes get around them?

Second, I am against the idea that any person can decide that any other person should get a cosmetic body modification. Leave kids the way God made them. I thought it was totally weird when people asked if I'd get a strawberry mark on top of Josie's head removed... I was told it'd probably fade away anyway, or get covered by hair. Why accept the risk of a medical procedure? And if she'd been a boy, she would not have been circumcised.

I was not going to get Josie's ear pierced unless she herself asked me for it.

Then she did.

So do I just give in? Or choose some other arbitrary age, I think my mom said I had to be 12, I don't know how she came up with that.

I think Josie is old enough that she'll take care of them herself a little bit, keep them clean, turn the posts, with a little help from us.

But then she'll be wearing earrings, forever. A rambunctious little kid on the playground, with earrings? does that sound bad?

I'm tempted to keep coming up with reasons to wait.
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