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list of things I'd like to learn

charmedroses contributed this to my question meme:

What's something you'd really love to learn about/learn to do?

everything, really. my mother once said she could just be a professional college student, I immediately felt the same way. so this will be a list... top 10 things I'd like to learn!

1) I would like to take more business classes and/or get an MBA. right now I'm trying to make up for it by reading books. it's not the same.

2) I'd like to get my instrument pilot's license so I can fly through clouds.

3) international travel. I haven't been anywhere, haven't ever left the continent, I've been saving up money but have not started researching this and it needs to happen.

4) this year's new years resolution book learnin' topic was poverty. I haven't made tons of ground, but I'd love to learn how people can break out of those deep generational cycles of poverty, and even more what I could do to help.

5) I never learned to play dungeons and dragons, is that a need?

6) I am well versed in php, but sometimes wish my skillset were more broad when it came to coding. java would be one I'd like to crack.

7) I played some with google sketchup over christmas designing parts that could be produced with a 3d printer but I didn't get very far in it, wish I had more time to really get someplace.

8) being an electrical engineer, people are always asking me how to, like, wire their house. I have no idea. I only live in worlds that are 5V or 14V or 28V. Maybe I should expand.

9) I like sewing but could never figure out how to ease in a sleeve in a way that looks halfway decent. I really just try to not make shit with sleeves.

10) I tried, and failed, to learn to trade stocks in the stock market. I later read that trading stocks is not a good idea for individuals, a lot of people fail. so I should let it go. but every time I hear from someone who bought a few stocks and doubled their money, it makes me wonder. then I try and remind myself hey, I tried to learn, it didn't work out, give it up.

I check the price on AMD when I get tempted, I still have something like 15 shares of that one that I bought $25 each. Yeah, it's now $2.71. okay, lesson learned!
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