Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

home, where my love lies waiting

I'm home! Or at least, my parents home. I feel homeless. I got here in a little over three hours, I have no idea how Dave does it in 2.5, I went 80mph or so the whole time and barely stopped.

Now for the abstract driving thoughts...

On the way home, I thought about my wish list. It's so fun to keep one of those, I mean, is a bookstore but now they sell basically everything, and I keep seeing livejournalers posting theirs for fun. Over Christmas I put a damn coffee maker on my list, how's that for a book store? But, I got to thinking, my real "wish list" can't be contained on, there's so much I want right now. There's so much everyone wants. You can't put happiness on there, you can't put love. You can't put employment. You can't put "45 minute foot rub". You can't put a college degree. You can't put an apartment (although you can put furniture for an apartment, and a kitchen table, and plates to put on the kitchen table for eating off of.)

When I thought about it I really have a lot of stuff that's on the worldly, non-existant wish list that will never be on I wish for a CD player for the car I drive, but at least I have a car to drive. I wish for plates, but I already have flatwear. I wish for a toaster, but I (thanks to last christmas) already have a really nice coffee maker.

I wish for money, but I have health. I wish for employment, but I have an education. I wish for stability, but I have love.

I wished for a cute dodge charger I saw in front of me on 435, so I pulled to the left lane to check it out and accidently got on an exit into Raytown, MO. That got me thinking about concrete things for a while. It also got me feeling thankful that I don't live in raytown.

I'm happy that I went to Des Moines this week.

I'll be back there soon.
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