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20 questions talking meme

A lot of people do those memes where they ask their friends to ask them questions, and I tend to love reading those entries, so I wanted to do that too. Except I'm only going to offer 20 spots and go every other day because I like to cheat at memes and make them my own.

So anyway, pick a day and ask a question!

You can pick more than one day if you have a few questions. If a couple people pick the same day, I'll re-arrange. If I don't like your question I'll blow it off entirely, but I'll tell you first. Gosh this is starting to sound like my normal livejournal. No but seriously, thanks for doing this, and no question is too stupid, if you ask "where'd you get your dog?" and I link to the post where I just talked about my dog I will not blame you one bit for missing it, we all miss stuff. Your question can be totally stupid and reflect no evidence that you've ever read my journal or it could be random and have nothing to do with me, I do not care.

However I will make this simple by posting some entries that answer questions I see on lots of these talking memes:

will you be having more kids? (no)
why are you a feminist? (I like asking questions)
why did you become an engineer? (I thought it'd be logical)
how did you meet your husband? (road trip to defcon)

April 10 hardblue - Do you have any guilty pleasures in terms of movies that you like to watch or books you like to read?

April 12 charmedroses - What's something you'd really love to learn about/learn to do?

April 14 ironphoenix - Do you have any thoughts or experiences to share that are particular to being a woman managing an engineering group?

April 16 slemslempike - where do you want to travel?

April 18 metawidget - name a feminist and/or LGBTQ rights issue that reasonable feminists can disagree on that you have a strong position on and tell us about it.

April 20 yamamanama - What languages do you encounter in your daily life?

April 22 elainegrey - Does your field have any standards bodies/professional societies that would be possible for you to be involved in? What have been your reflections on doing so?

April 24 jume - did you do any crafting as a kid/teen? If so, how does it differ from the crafting you've done as an adult? If not, how did you get started?

April 26 lepid0ptera - What are you planning to tell your daughters about sex, and when?

April 28 teazle - What is your birth control of choice? Would you be open to a female version of a vasectomy if it wasn't massively invasive? Why did you choose your current birth control?

April 30 astrogeek01 - What is your favorite dessert (or desserts, if you can't pick just one) that you don't get to have very often, why do you like it, and why don't you get to have it often?

May 2 aerrin What are your favorite communities on LJ these days and why?

May 4 open

May 5 yamamanama - Do you have any sibs? How did they ( or their absence) affect you?

May 6 open

May 8 open

May 10 lantairvlea - What do you like to do in your (I imagine often hypothetical) spare time?

May 12 open

May 14 open

May 16 yamamanama - what if you had a time machine that could go anywhere in space and time but only worked once?

May 18 yamamanama - who are some of your favorite artists?

May 20 is my birthday, so I will talk about whatever the hell I want :)
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