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livejournal is weird, but still might be okay

Wow, mega drama going on over at the invite your friends to livejournal announcement.

I will say a few things.

First, it does reek of despiration when a website tries to do a "revival" and bring back old times, without even talking about anything they're changing to be a valuable resource to people. I found it super creepy a few years ago to find that livejournal basically killed the suggestions community, we used to be able to post up pretty much anything, even if it was moderated. Now it's not only moderated but nothing is allowed to show up apparently. Trust me there's gotta be no shortage of suggestions.

Every website's user base will accuse its owners of not listening. Facebook, always... but people still use it! Etsy, oh man it's toxic over in those forums... but they continue to grow.

Shockingly I managed to update the design this year and people liked what I did. But even on my own website, there's been plenty of times when I redesigned and everyone hated it because "stuff moved".

It's like the one true constant of having a user base. They WILL hate changes.

And one downfall we have as users... there's no evidence to suggest that website companies who ignore users lose out in the end. Lots of them do great.

Livejournal has done a few good things. I like the friends page layout now. I am also really happy that they introduced scheduled posts a few years back... I might have bailed if not for that. So I give them credit.

People launched protests movement over the navigation bars at the top of journals. They really were not that bad.

What is missing, in my opinion, is a vision. What are livejournal's plans? What are they rolling out? When will we have responsive designs for our journals? Where does livejournal see its nitch? We don't hear from them very often, which contributes to the "lj is dying" vibe that I managed to fight off myself this year with a few good additions to my friends list.

This place is weird... but not doomed.

I did invite two friends to livejournal, that's the daily limit for their new invite tool, and it's a completely stupid limit because they don't even tell you about it. The next day I couldn't remember who I'd already invited, so I'm just not going to use that tool anymore. I can't tell if livejournal is interested in that feedback or not. And that's typical of the weirdness. We see a glimmer of development, then they go back in the closet and we're on our own.

Bear with them people, that's my recommendation. Don't let the lj haters get you down.
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