Spacefem (spacefem) wrote,

how friday nights usually go

"crash friday" is our running joke about the fact that I can never manage to stay up past 9 on the fifth day of a work week, even if the rest of the world is out partying, it's pretty bad.

this was final friday, the last friday of the month when wichita opens all its art galleries and there's lots of great stuff going on downtown. marc and josie went out, he was going to dj a bit outside at old town square for the fire spinners and josie loves the fire spinners. they'll even drop in at a cafe and she'll get a sprite with cherries and an umbrella. so yup, my four year old goes out on friday night, I do not.

I got stuck at work friday until almost 7, got home and ate dinner with everybody, then hung out with olive so marc and josie could go have fun. I half made some calls to see if someone would watch her so I could go out and meet other friends for final friday but lost motivation entirely. Olive and I had a good time anyway. I gave her a bath, we played with toys, and read a big stack of books.

last week we gave her crib away and she switched to a toddler bed, and she's been great with it. she's got a little light up pillow pet that projects stars up on the wall. I told her to go to bed, put her blanket on her, walked out. I heard her pushing the buttons on her unicorn changing its colors. then I didn't. she was out. I think I was asleep five minutes later. kinda blinked when marc and josie got home at 11 but went right back to sleep.

friday night party, yeah!

saturday I had to work for a few hours, but was ready to escape around two, and marc said he and the girls were at another museum for another dance party. they know how to find these! it was at the wichita art museum, totally free, kids were running around with streamers and dj carbon was mixing house beats with "let it go" in a very accommodating way.

he played taylor swift - shake it off and all afternoon after we got home josie was spinning around singing "that's what people say! mm mmm! shake it off! shake it off!" and marc was CRINGING. just to be awful I played it off youtube for her. I was like hey, every kid has to listen to the wrong kind of music just to piss off her parents eventually, right? josie's almost five. it's about time!

I told him, don't you want to make her a cd of it? if she's going to listen to it we'd rather her listen to it here at home where she's safe.

he was just like, dammit.

he also explains that she loved the dubstep way too much the night before. we are both against dubstep. just, losing her too soon.
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