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new computer + xi3 review

I bought myself a present :) it's a tiny little computer: an xi3 x5a from newegg. it's like half a brick. cutest thing ever. can you believe computers used to be big?

it claimed that it would come installed with linux, opensuse 12.2, which I was very excited about!

then actually it only came with opensuse 11.4. firefox was 27 versions behind and unable to properly upgrade to the latest version, suse couldn't update itself. great.

so I tried to make a USB stick with opensuse 13x but it wouldn't boot to the usb. and I couldn't figure out how to get into the bios and TELL it to boot to the usb... I googled, and the manual said to hold down delete to get into it.

turns out they were lying, you hold down f2. I asked around at work and this is a semi-common knowledge thing, but I was pissed because I'd hoped my USB would work.

which leads to my second mistake... I dd-imaged an installation to the USB, not the live boot.

but FIRST I got into the linux boot loader grub and totally destroyed its ability to boot to the existing OS. I spent a long time screwing with grub commands and learned some things, like how to overcomplicate commands in grub.

let's just say it's been a learning experience. I like to use linux, like troubleshoot it for hours. that is not why I am here. so it's been a while since I had to get into all this crap.

what review do you leave on newegg when your new computer arrives a version behind what's advertised and has you up at 2am on a worknight trying to fix it?

but now that everything is up to date I have a nice little home box again, I was using this random used emachine that I don't even know where it came from. and yes I have my ipad for random upstairs surfing and pinterest and some blogging, but for big stuff I still need a desktop. web development and graphics, definitely. gotta run gimp and an html editor and three browsers at once... that's not something you can do unless you sit down and focus.
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